No Signal purse PRE-ORDER (white chain, blue back, iridescent)

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  • There is a 2-3 week waiting time for each item to be ready to ship.
  • You will get a different keychain, since they are all unique.


  • Full grain grade A leather purse with our colorful "No Signal" design on the front and royal blue design on the back. 
  • Purse is 24.5cm long and 18.5cm tall and has one internal compartment made out of light beige suede. 
  • Thick chain is handmade out acrylic and can also be used as a strap. It can also be moved forward or backwards. 
  • The purse comes with a long rainbow "iridescent" 110cm chain that is detachable. It can be used as a crossbody or to hang over the shoulder.
  • Each purse comes with a unique lip acrylic keychain, and has an iridescent zipper detail.