About us

So glad you've found us! Welcome to Ninka Pop.

Hello everyone! My name is Sayra Lopez, and I am the designer behind Ninka Pop: a modern, handmade, jewellery brand. With Ninka Pop my goal is to create bold, bright, and unique earrings that make a statement and stand out from the minimal aesthetic we are seeing everywhere.

I am originally from Mexico, but I studied Fine Arts & Graphic Design in the USA. I have been doing UX/Interaction Design for the past 10 years, however, I was looking for a new medium that would allow me to express my creativity, and when I found polymer clay, it just clicked! 

I have always loved bright colours and patterns, which remind me of growing up in Mexico. On top of that, as a queer POC designer, I believe that everyone should be able to express their true self in every aspect of life, and that includes fashion and accessories. 

Every single pair is handmade in Zurich, Switzerland by me. Each piece is carefully designed, baked, sanded, polished, assembled, and packaged by hand. And just like there are no two people that are the same, there are no identical Ninka Pop earrings. This means they are all one of a kind, so what you see in stock is what we have, and there is usually only one pair of each.

My collections are inspired by the 80s, Memphis Deisgn, Vaporwave, bold & graphic patterns and high contrast colour combinations. I usually make pieces that are conceptual. This means they have some sort of reference to a physical object, but that I adapt in order to turn them into a piece of jewellery in my unique style.  I also make pairs with abstract patterns, which are still colourful but are created in a more go-with the flow vibe without following a previously drawn sketch.  

To stay up to date with our latest designs and updates, follow Ninka Pop on Instagram @ninkapop  

And, if you are wondering where the inspiration for the name came from, it was from my awesome daughter, little Ninka. 

(Lady illustrations by @magicseajane)